Who We Are
The University Programs Council (UPC) is a student-run programming board that provides students and other members of the University and Charlottesville communities with a wide variety of entertaining and educational activities and events. We actively seek and encourage ideas while dedicating and challenging ourselves to incorporate the needs and desires of the UVA community.

Our Mission
By encouraging boundless expression, the University Programs Council strives to enhance the UVA experience through programming creative, educational and entertaining programs for diverse audiences.

Our Objectives
1. Programming creative, educational and entertaining programs for diverse audiences
2. Providing an outlet for personal growth in leadership and career goals
3. Acting as a sounding board to the student body



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164 Newcomb Hall

The University Programs Council (UPC)’s goals for co-sponsorships include the following:

  • Work with Contracted-Independent Organizations (CIO)/other groups on events to enrich event attendee experiences

  • Co-sponsor with CIOs/other groups in order to bring unique insight and important messages/themes to the event planning process

  • Provide proper and necessary resources as well as event planning advisement in collaboration with CIOs/other groups to ensure the best quality and turnout for events

Build and maintain strong, lasting relationships with CIOs/other groups

We hope to use our experience as a programming board to mentor and assist other organizations collaboratively in order to put on events for our student body and external communities. While UPC is able to provide financial assistance for events, co-sponsorships should fulfill UPC's mission - provide enhanced programming for our diverse audiences, so that we can produce the best quality events. As such, co-sponsorships will allow UPC committees to work directly with an external group to plan an event from start to finish, while also allowing the external group to learn various methods in planning events.

UPC's Co-Sponsorship Process:

  1. CIOs/organizations send in co-sponsorship request form AT LEAST 6 WEEKS IN ADVANCE of planned event date

  2. UPC’s Vice Chair of Outreach (VCO) and the Outreach Committee reviews co-sponsorship requests on a weekly basis

  3. Outreach Committee will send requests that fulfill UPC's mission statement to the various UPC committees that are best fit to assist in the co-sponsored event

  4. UPC committees will decide whether the co-sponsorship fits their goals, event schedule, mission statement, etc. or not

  5. Should UPC committees have more questions/inquiries, accept, or decline the request, UPC's VCO will reach out to the co-sponsorship request's point of contact (POC) in response to inform the POC of UPC's decision within one week of the submitted request date

UPC will NOT co-sponsor the following:

  • Events that are not open to ALL current UVA students

  • Events where alcohol is present

  • Events that solely ask for marketing/promotion, funding, or usage of our space/location

***UPC will assist with marketing/promotion/funding of an event, should the event's goals demonstrate the capacity and ability to benefit the University community.***

Please fill out the co-sponsorship request form here.

If you have any additional questions about UPC's co-sponsorship process, or if this form goes without a response within two weeks after submission, please feel free to reach out to UPC's VCO, Kelvin Huynh, at kch4dx@virginia.edu with your inquiries.